An Original Sonic Fanfic

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***I just want to let everyone know that the first time this Flash was on Newgrounds, it was uploaded by someone else without our (the creators) permission, and we had it taken down. Due to popular request, I've uploaded it for your viewing pleasure.***

Hey everyone. This is my first flash I ever made that was longer than three seconds XD;;. I do not have the proper training for real animation so... don't be *too* critical. Besides, it wasn't meant as a serious project anyway. I didn't want to even put it up anywhere else other than my deviantART account (--> http://lightning-duchess.
deviantart.com/ ). It's just poking fun at retarded Sonic fanfictions. Another thing, please do not compare this flash with "Zipper Flash's: Ultimate Sonic Fan Fiction". We did not make this to compete with his. Like I said, it's just a silly thing we made.

As for the writing and voices, I did not do it alone. I said "we" a couple of times, and by "we" I mean my wonderful boyfriend and me. ^^ He assisted in writing AND he did the voices of the entire male cast. I just voiced Pinky and Winky. He does an awesome Sonic voice, doesn't he? <3 This is his dA account --> http://stevehedgehog.devi antart.com/


Hah! He said balls!
Anyway, that IS the best fan-made comedy-about-sonic. The animation makes it better, in fact it is just pictures! LOL!!!

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Original as said

The graphics aren't the best ( But damn nice resemblance to the characters.) I was going to give this ether an 8 or 9 but i decided to watch a second....erm third....ugh forth time and... i think that the voice acting more than made up for the little nudges, and of course i too got a funny laugh out the cosby character haha... and i like the way you drew the more original characters it's a nice change from other sonic flash's.

I don't need no emeralds!

I can turn Super by eating...

a gram cracker!

Lawl Bewbz

LOL I Lek teh Pinky┬┤s Boobs Part

I love how this is 5 years old yet I just showed it to somebody last week and it was still funny and still described the fanbase

despite the fact that very little animation effort was put in, I love it!

You've got talent and a sense of humor, keep it up!

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4.29 / 5.00

May 16, 2008
7:15 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody