Alien Slayer 3D

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WEEEEEEEEEE....... front page!!!
Thanks NG crew!!

Thanks for the reviews Everybody!!
We read all the reviews and it really helps us improve our games :D

And a BIG thanks to Bubblebox.com for sponsoring our games

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Here it is, our first real 3D first-person shooter !

We spent a lot of time working on the engine and trying to make the game run smoothly, so please forgive the simple storyline and the minimal scene details. In our next 3D game, we should have more time to spend on the gameplay itself.

Enjoy !
Let us your comments and suggestions.

*** Special thanks to the flashsandy.org dev team for the great Sandy 3D engine.


a few things.

Now, i understand a 3d fps in flash must be ABUSIVELY hard to make, however. there are some things that need to be adressed.

> sticky mouse mode

the mouse should "Lock" in the middle of the screen and from there any movement should affect where you are looking. this is NOT n64 to have Screen/fluent Aiming or a Wii.

> innacuracy

the "bead" is a cool idea, but the whole reason of innacuracy is that you do not know where a bullet will end up. I advice trying to program a Reticle with "Bloom" to show how accurate a gun is.

> Assault Rifle

Should take less ammo per clip, should shoot about at 600 rpm, should do about 5 times as much damage as it does now. it should also have better accuracy than the pistol.

and yes, i know you guys will probably do nothing like this agian, but in case you do, please take those points in mind. and one last thing that is minor:

add a melee attack. seriously. XD

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Kill em all

Great game

the graphics r great. The only problems are, that it dosnt have a good storyl%u0131ne and its too hard


kool game but i gt bored arter a while

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i was to quick to judge on your other games of your team's skill, i found this game to be very good, it was fun and addicting :D

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4.24 / 5.00

May 16, 2008
9:03 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person