Burst Cannon

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Blast enemies with your burst cannon, fight your way up to boss levels, buy upgrades to strengthen your weapon, and try to achieve the ultimate highscore!

This game is brought to you from Xdragonx10 and XweaselX
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List of upgrades and what they do:

Slow down:
this moderately slows down the enemies,
not recommended for the start of the game

Faster Shot:
This allows you to shoot more shots at a faster speed,
recommended for the start of the game

Heals 5 health,
recommended for later in the game

Armored Ball:
Really worth saving for as it increases the strength of you ball,
recommended whenever you can get your hands on it



work on it some more and it'll be way better, also the music is really annoying seeing as how it is like 3 secs. looped endlessly

xdragonx10 responds:

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the choice of music, I'll try to pick better tracks for future games.

More or less

Moderately simplistic... Very difficult, after the second boss it was pretty much hopeless. Powerups arnt useful enough, the shots (once fired) dont move fast enough. Good attempt.

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks for your review, I didn't intend for the game to be this difficult. I neglected to balance the upgrades before I released the game, if you had bought more shot upgrades and had saved up for the armored ball upgrade you would have found the game to be much easier.

Way too hard.

At some points the upgrades rarely came and at other times they were everywhere. I almost never had a chance to get them because of how fast the enemies were flying.

xdragonx10 responds:

The rate at which the upgrades come is random, part of the game is the skill to determine when it is worth the time to upgrade a weapon, and when it's not.


Upgrades shooting and cool graphics, who could ask for more :).

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks :)


It was great. I like the whole layout and everything. nice work :)

xdragonx10 responds:

Thanks, I spent awhile at it.

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3.67 / 5.00

May 15, 2008
4:22 PM EDT
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