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DeathTech Ep1 - Becoming

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Author Comments

Hey EveryOne

this is my new flash Deatgtech its about a boy called tim, his father worked for this corpation abd got into alot of trouble so he ended up takeing his own life and his son had to face his pain

i dont want to give to muc away there ging to be lot more EPs so keep a look out for them

Hope you enjoy it

o this one s a bit short the other eps will be much longer


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Good concept horrible animation

It seems like it could be something cool but you need to work on it alot more>


OH dude!

i gave you a ten because, my friend and i are currently working on a flash called blade of vengeance.....its some what like this but...different, for example insted of the main character crying he is running through the woods and finds some thing bad....you have to watch to see, and a shadow comes to help lol spritual forms of life dealers are awsome

ps good job

ChrisDH responds:

o sweet tht sound just like mine lol u will have to tell me wen you and your mate finsh it =D it but keep watching the story gets a bit weird lol sneek peek lol

thank you very much .................... THANKS for the 10 lol


Something is bubbling beneath the surface.........

Not bad. I enjoyed this.
You seem to have a good story behind this and although the animation wasn't the best (I'm guessing that your just starting out) you have got to grips with basic drawing and everything was clear and understandable.
The same can't be said of the sound which I'm going to blame on your mic as certain words were a bit muffled.
But don't be put off- there is a lot of good stuff here and if you keep at it then in a years time you'll be going places!

I voted 4.

ChrisDH responds:

i am glad you enjoyed it thax you for giving me a good score =D

yeah mu mic is crap i dont no what to do about it but i will sort it out soon =D

thank you soo mcuh for enjoying it n finking good about it, thanks for the advice thank you very much keep looking out for EP2

thank you


Good Concept

It's definitely a work in progress. I liked what is shown of the plot but my problems with the work are with animation and voice acting. The animation is alright and I'm sure your still perfecting your own style and techniques. The voice acting wasn't very good. Some of it was not very coherent and I'd recommend redoing the first scene with the boy's father with someone who has a lower voice.

ChrisDH responds:

thank you very much for the help ... i am still working on my annimation but i will get there lol =D i agree the vocie acting it not good but i will work on it

thank you


Has Some Potential

I know my rating's a little on the low side, but I did enjoy it, what little of it there was. It's a nice concept but the animation quality could use alot of work. It could be a cool story though, with time. Oh, and nice music.

ChrisDH responds:

i am realy glad to hear you liked it =D i know i need work on my annimation i will always be trying to get there the it ...... yeah i have a pritty long story the this flash

yeah v good music lol

keep looking out for Ep 2 =D


Credits & Info

Waiting for 1 more votes

May 15, 2008
4:09 PM EDT