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Mutteo in NES Land ep1

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Comedy - Parody

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May 14, 2008 | 8:42 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Final EDIT: Okay, I am officially done editing. This time I made the house look cooler and gave the neighborhood a bit more realism. Now I'm done!

4th EDIT: Hopefully this will be my last edit. I replaced Erica's voice with that of Mippa. I also improved on some more animation and graphics.

3rd EDIT: I changed the toolbar and made it more decorative like in episode 2. Also I tweaked a few things in the animation and made it look better. This episode was pretty much my work while I was training, so I figured I could clean it up a little. The best thing I did was throw away all that worthless data I had on the flash and it dropped 2.1MB. Talk about putting a flash on the Jenny Craig weight loss program!

2nd EDIT: Well I didn't win any awards, but I did get TOP TEN Best Movie of the Day for my first flash, so here's to being a runner up! WHOO! Next episode is sure to win an award! So keep watching and enjoy!

EDIT: This episode is about 14 minutes, so yeah it will be long, but I try to put comedy at every moment. I can understand if the episode feels slow at first, since this episode has to set up the story of the Nintendo System first before you get to see Mario World.

This the the pilot episode for the Mutteo in NES Land series!

It's about a guy who gets a NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM that can warp him into all the NES console games. There's not a lot of Pop Culture, but for each episode I will devote a video game/series to it which will be sure to entertain. I hope you enjoy this just as much as I did making it. (Not the frustrating times)

Let me first say that this is my first flash ever made and you can probably notice a lot of sloppy bits and pieces of it and that's because I was learning while I was creating. Considering my computer is very slow, it took me a long time to make this, almost a year to be exact. It was only since last month that I bought a mod card for my computer and now instead of waiting 5 minutes a frame, it only takes me about 10 secs to make a frame. At any rate I channeled about.......1800 hours making this, and this is no exaggeration. I can spend up to 8-10 hours a day animating, and that's after working an 8 hour shift at my job. I can go on and on talking about how many problems and complications that happened during my efforts, but there's no point in boring you.

I do 80% of the custom sprites as well as all the voice acting. If the characters sound too phony or lousy, I just want to say this is a comedy, not a theatrical masterpiece. All I can say is try to enjoy this episode and I hope to finish my next episode a lot sooner than a year. I hope you enjoy this episode, because I hope to make more episodes like this.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not many spritemations where you get isometric angles! Nice variation between the different scenes and angles, and as for the story itself: entertaining! :D Voice acting goes well with the character too. Plenty of comedy. Did enjoy the episode, and looking forward to seeing more!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I laughed my balls out after watching this. I want a relic like that too.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is a cures relic How much 5 Bucks Done!!!! LOL


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I saw this yesterday and I was laughing hard enough to strain my throat.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

going back through


lol so funny