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Journeys of Reemus

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9/19/2013: Announcing “THE BALLADS OF REEMUS 2” KICKSTARTER campaign! I'm going to flesh out (get it?!) the Death Slug storyline with new puzzles, voice acting, and shiny graphics for Reemus's beerbelly. I've already posted a prototype if you want to check it out!

Support it here:



Well here it is, my second attempt at a point and click game. I decided to try my hand at the fantasy genre. There are two endings and different variants on how to get to the final screen. Enjoy!

Click around to solve the puzzles.

Click Reemus for a relevant action.

Click Liam for information on the level.

**UPDATE** Ok, since I'm a man of the people here are the following fixes...

-Added scene selection to the end

-Liam now speaks up on his own to reset level 2

-Made the timing on the bridge level easier

-Fixed numerous noted glitches

-Added the all powerful mute button for those that hate my musical taste

Once again thanks to everyone for playing and all the feedback. If you find any more bugs just let me know! Thanks to NG for the front page love!! I now begin work on a new game...

For those interested in the music of Mitch Bowden, visit his myspace


or check out his band, Don Vail. www.myspace.com/donvail

OFFICIAL WALKTHROUGH: http://www.zeebarf.com/prologuewalkthrough.html

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Same problem as with the previous game. Black screen on Chrome (after pressing play), but works in FireFox.
Other than that, well, it's more of a cruel guessing game how you get to solve the problems. I don't see what i can interact with or what will that result in. I see the problem but not the tools. Figuring out how these tools work is a game by itself and not in a good way.

Ok, so i watched the walk-through and i still can't do it. Is it broken or something? I made the snake eat the cube (and also fall in the goo), but it doesn't let me any more? Is there some sick pixel hunting timing hybrid element in work here? Apart from having to read the devs mind as to what to do?

Finally did it, don't know how. Then? Soft-locked the confrontation with the queen fml.

TL;DR watch the walk-through instead guys.

I would TOTALLY give 5 stars but level 2 is just impossible and i know what i'm supposed to do but it wont let me so it's either you need to fix your game or make it possible for laptops because it isn't working and i REALLY wanna play so please do it
(P.S. i'm stuck on getting the frog to eat the crystal things)

Oh man I loved this game back in the day....
I loved the soundtrack...It's a shame I can't find it in the Mitch Bowden

love this game

awesome game but I had to use a walkthrough