Chuck's New Tux!

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I guess I should explain myself...

I promised my friend that if he could ever actually write a script, I'd animate it. If he was to hand it to me on a platter, I'd process it, digest it and turn it into something solid. He would supply the creative fibre as it were, and me - the big fibrous turd.

He's a funny fucker even on off days so I was expecting something good, but what I got...WHAT I GOT....basically met that expectation more or less...

I tied it into college work but managed to miss the deadline (they wanted it monday, the fascists), that seems to happen rather a lot, but fuck 'em.

So I got home last night at midnight after seeing Speed Racer (Which by the by is BAD ASS, not Iron Man level bad ass, but still pretty fucking bad ass) and just worked for 14 hours straight. As you don't know, I usually do everything myself, music, animating, voices, story etc, and minus the script, this was no exception. So here it is, I'm fucking pooped.

Love you NG



Oh, my, god.
All I can say; You do some great animating, and your friend does some amazing script work. Had me cringing out of my seat, even if I was laying down.

That was... rather unexpected... =.="

I agree with SinZCitY... this animation makes you cring TO THE MAX xD

Too much cringing.... Ah. Please, eh.... Good animation. Great sound, music etc. But Ending... Ahhh.

so unpredictable.

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May 14, 2008
8:24 AM EDT
Comedy - Original