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Diamond Frog

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Collect the diamonds and avoid the crushers! Drop bombs when it gets to crazy to handle. Futuristic and electric!

ARROW KEYS to move
SPACE to drop frog bombs

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Seems contradictory to have the diamonds spawn somthing that you can easily destroy. Graphics are cool, and the audio is a little, repetative. This could use a few tweeks, and maybe some new features.

Not realy new,

The sound is good so you have to work more for graphic.

Alright I guess...

Can you fix it so the you don't have to release an arrow to move. Like if i'm going right I have to release the right arrow key and press up to go up instead of just pressing up.

Also fix it so the when you die you can't move. I can still move untill the game over screen comes up.

As a matter of civil disobedience...

I refuse to collect your diamonds in protest of the unnecessary and inhumane gem trade, and the cruel practice of animal testing.


not bad graphically but not great either. also gameplay sucks after about 30 sec.
i just stopped using the bomb things and saw how many diamonds i could grab without getting hit. which was alot. there is no point to play after about a minute.

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

May 13, 2008
8:09 PM EDT