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This is kind of a rhythm game, but mixed with playing the piano on your computer keyboard (somewhat called virtual keyboard), which makes it more of a MELODIC game.

Play the songs as you see the notes and the keyboard keys moving on the screen.

You need to seduce the woman in order to get to the next song.

- There is an EASY MODE where you do not need to play all the notes.
- NORMAL MODE is for experts as you really play the whole songs
- You can also use the FREE PLAYING, which is more of a gadget, allowing you to record yourself, see the notes in real time on the score, and play it back.

Note: for French keyboard, select the option in the game.

I hope you enjoy it!


Good Job

I loved the game, obviously the playing could have actually SOUNDED a bit better, but I can understand why it was tricky. I guess it was easier for me to play because I can actually type without looking at my keyboard.

RomanAge responds:

Funny how I had not checked reviews for at least a year and it just happens that I've got one new review sent...yesterday. Thank you.
PS: Select the French keyboard option (playing on your English keyboard of course), you'll go mad (most keys are the same, but some are swapped, you can find out which ones while playing).

Not too bad

I also have a problem with the keys used. You may want to consider just using keys typed with one specific hand (let people choose left or right) or the whole keyboard. One and a half hand layout feels off. Otherwise it works well.

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Nice game but ...

Some issues with the key board made me personally feel dizzy while playing. I feel if you would of went with a ASDFGHJKL format it might have been smother. You should try again.

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RomanAge responds:

First Person Shooters normally make me feel dizzy, I didn't know this game could, but I see what you mean, having to switch between looking at the screen and keyboard. Anyway thanks for your comment.

love it

simply. its really nice the way its arranged

RomanAge responds:

Thank you, they are simple arrangements, somewhat restricted, glad you like it.

thats it

good sound first of all, there a little sencron problem but one of the best piano games in ive played

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3.65 / 5.00

May 13, 2008
11:03 AM EDT