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Draw My Thing

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A great multiplayer drawing game!

Take turns drawing the secret word and everyone else has 60 seconds to guess what it is.

Get 2 points for guessing and 1 point if your drawing is guessed correctly.

It's way fun!


UPDATE: game is back up

we have made some optimizations to our server code that will hopefully keep us up and running. we have also ordered 2 new servers but they will take 10 days to be provisioned. things are running now and we will closely monitor the situation. we may have to take the game back down until the new servers are up, but we figured we would give it a shot.

thanks to everyone who messaged us to let us know about the games being down, and thanks to those who gave us good reviews even though the game was not working. and especially thanks to newgrounds for putting us in the top 5 and not removing our broken game!

we will do our best to keep things running on newgrounds.

- e.j.


Well not much to say, it's an insanely addictive game and I love it. :D There are a few problems and glitches I've found though.

For one, you can only kick players after the game has ended and only if they are players, and you can only mute players who are a part of the game. So guests can come in and spam the chat to the point where the game freezes and no one can even mute them. This can be fixed by letting you kick out/mute spectators or not allowing them to type in the chat. And a kick option while the game is playing.

The second major issue is that most of the profile functions don't work, since the original site is down. I don't know if they work if you have a Facebook profile and log in to Zynga, but I don't have a Facebook, so I can't get an avatar or adjust my account settings. Also you can no longer invite players to play because the link leads to the defunct site that redirects to Zynga. Not sure if friends can see your private matches, if they can't that means you'd have to make a public server and kick out anyone who isn't your friend and join, which is annoying. Make an option to invite people by typing in their username to fix it, and make all profile options appear in the game and not offsite.

Also if you click on the hyperlink to join your game before you're level 5, the match will reload as a public match. So you can make public matches before level 5.

I have a big Problem. I cant join my Profile. I can do nothing. It opens a new tap with the mean that the page cant be found. what should i do?

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|Sadly they shut down the original website :( luckily newgrounds and other websites have it :)

Frusturating, keep on losing every time. lol


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4.13 / 5.00

May 13, 2008
8:11 AM EDT
Skill - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place May 14, 2008