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EDIT: I made a new post. Check it out and comment if you feel like it!

Well...I got music....no preloader. and on the sides of the backround i have chaos, metal overlord, and biolizard. And dont bother writing a review if your just going to be a total asshole. YES I know its not organized. Now. The one next to dark sonic is Nazo(From Chakra-X's movie, Nazo Unleashed.) And i got better silver sprites too. Still just one backround, able to move the platforms.And i also found a better sprite of dark sonic standing. And do me a favor, dont give me any shit about the organization. Ive lost this thing twice, and I dont need any more crap to ruin my day. And for the people who enjoy my scene creators, expect WAAY more from me in the future! And please leave GOOD reviews. Don't forget to vote!


best ever

great sprite



cause the enemys now that cool.

Lot's of sprite work. COOL!!!

First, where did you get Nazo sprites, second, where did you get those silver sprites? In other words. AWSOME!!! Could you tell me how to make something like that? I just got an account, this is my first review. I got this account especially for this game! XD


best thing ever in the world please put in victor and stuff and mario
like you can have a screen for sonic on the left as a tab and on the right you can have mario and on the top left you can have sonic enemys and on the top right you can have mario enemys

This is pretty good!

who gives a shit that it's not organized. Where did you get those silver sprites? I've been searching EVERYWHERE!

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3.50 / 5.00

May 12, 2008
10:51 PM EDT
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