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EDIT: I made a new post. Check it out and comment if you feel like it!

Well...I got music....no preloader. and on the sides of the backround i have chaos, metal overlord, and biolizard. And dont bother writing a review if your just going to be a total asshole. YES I know its not organized. Now. The one next to dark sonic is Nazo(From Chakra-X's movie, Nazo Unleashed.) And i got better silver sprites too. Still just one backround, able to move the platforms.And i also found a better sprite of dark sonic standing. And do me a favor, dont give me any shit about the organization. Ive lost this thing twice, and I dont need any more crap to ruin my day. And for the people who enjoy my scene creators, expect WAAY more from me in the future! And please leave GOOD reviews. Don't forget to vote!


this is fun!

is a bit messy to use but it makes good scenes when u work it out.

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Sweet jesus lag

Need to put the characters into some kind of menus or something so you don't have 80 animations going at once... also had occasional difficulty setting down the sprites after I picked them up.

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Good - loud, but good!

Lower the volume of the music, that would help a lot! :-) But I do like this Sonic scene creator, it's fun to play around with making different Sonic game scenes (some of your other reviewers clearly aren't artistic, are they?), it's got plenty of items to use. Try and organize it, make the sprites re-spawn rather than have so many of each one, add some other background choices and some other music choices - you've already done all the hard work creating the game's functionality, if you put in the extra bit of effort you'll have a real winner on your hands.

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superboy23 responds:

I dont know how to lower it can you tell me?

You blew my speakers

It needs a preloader, a volume slider(which are really easy to make) and a point.
Sometimes items wouldn't come down and it was super cluttered up top, why have 10 of everything, just make them respawn.

Its not even a good concept.

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superboy23 responds:

I don't know how to make a volume slider. Do you? And the same thing I said with the last one. Somethings wrong with my computer and it won't let me load the preloader.

As useless as the other one.

I find these "scene creators" as useless as dress up doll games. Is there a point to making these? Are you making sonic sprite movies? I just don't get it. It's boring, and useless. Maybe since you've already lost this thing twice, you should've tried making somthing else, and somthing better.

superboy23 responds:

Sorry. I might not start sprite movies till later on. As for right now, I dont know how to make them.

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3.50 / 5.00

May 12, 2008
10:51 PM EDT
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