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Beam Prison

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Author Comments

-DO NOT PLAY IF EPILEPTIC. many flashing lights and stuff.
-a keyboard reaction/distraction game.
-move your shields to defend yourself from the beams of death.
-5 levels you can play in any order. Are you good enough to beat them all?
-3 boards at once making use of ASDW, IJKL, TFGH: good luck!

After taking some suggestions from beam cage I decided to make beam prison!
-5 different levels of different difficulty.
-only 3 boards now instead of 4.
-little bit easier on beginners.
-improved code and graphics(in beam cage only 1 beam-cannon could load/shoot at a time, not anymore!)
-music all by dj-Nate: http://dj-nate.newgrounds .com/

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One hell of a game

Its original, in its own way. just play it seriously, and you'll get what i mean...just dont try to play the hardest level straight away, you'll get beaten so bady >_<


Oh, dude I am terrible at reaction games, but this one is awesome! It's almost like playing a keyboard version of DDR! The visuals were cool, the music fit, and it just looks good, too.

Oh Shit!!

Incredibly nice game, i guess this will be something to play when you have like ten minutes to do nothing...

best game in a while

yeah, i seriously haven't played a game this fun on newgrounds for like, ever.

Lol nice music

You sure do luv {Dj-N} but hey who doesnt? =D