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Christ Chex

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Edit: Stop bugging me about Dane Cook... This isn't animated to the joke It's what we invisioned the joke would be like as a real commercial. -_-

Me and my friends decided to make a commercial. We were thinking what would a Christ Chex commercial be like if it were real! So during the weekend we made this!
Please rate and review.

I haven't used flash since my last submission so don't be to hard on me.

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Actually not bad

Its got the animation, the music but its lacking with the voice acting, you need to sound more enthusiastic.


Not bad. nice background beat, decent art and writing. narrator could have used a bit more zazz, or something.


got dane?

no, no ya don't. there is a lack of the cook in this video. 1 whould think a christ chex movie have the actual joke or even a reference.


You see, I started this off thinking "Hell yes! Dane Cook!" However, this turned out to be unappealing, sacrilegious (which I would have excused if it were funnier), and not at all entertaining. First off, you need to use a lot, and I mean a lot of shading your drawing was flat and unrealistic. Secondly the voice-acting was superb but, may I recommend having someone with a deeper voice do the speaking next time. All-in-all a well placed idea but, not enough effort was put into it. Next time simply spend more time on your creation.

I had the exact Idea

...Until I realised making Jesus Marketable is against my religion...(Damnit all!!!)

The Drawings were very cute(in a MANLY way!), and the concept of the dane cook joke was used correctly. You used what he said, but It would of been even better to make the bowl those tins that hold the bread. It was great, do the Kool Aid Guy next!!