The Last Stand 2

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The zombie horde are unrelenting, insatiable. The only chance to survive is to make it to Union City in 40 days, before the evacuations end.

Move from town to town collecting all you can carry and defend yourself through the night.


good but one bug

as i was playing and defending my cades, a survivor RANDOMLY exploded and i lost one. there were no zombies present at the time and i though youd like to know.

Will there be a sequal?

Judging from the ending you made, I'm guessing there will be one. Possibly you could start off with the evac team deciding to leave earky due to the overwhelming amount of zombies?

TLS1 with a twist in the idea of the game makes it more interesting because if you didn't add that in, it'd be the same as playing the first game but with new weapons and a new system.

A problem with this game though is that being unable to switch weapons while reloading makes it slightly redundant for a sub-weapon because after reloading, people would probably just continue shooting since their weapon is already loaded.

Some weapons are too useless compared to others. But I guess that's how it's supposed to be.

Cool bug I found too. Clicking non-stop fires faster than holding down the left mouse button on automatic weapons. In fact, doing that causes your shot to have no delay between them. So if your computer lags while playing this, you could fire like 5 shots at 1 go and make something like a bullet wall. Saves time killing zombies and works great with the M249. I was clicking like mad and I burnt up like 75 rounds but the screen was cleared of zombies. X3

Just asking, did you take the backgrounds from Half-Life 2? Because it reminds me so much of the game although it doesn't have any headcrabs or combines.

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A+ good sir

i loved this game it has gotten a lot more in depth with the selecting where to go and giving survivors weapons it may be difficult to novices but i thought it was fun while being challenging i do have one complaint one of my favorite parts of the original was reading the diary and the sticky notes and while you do get a diary when you move to location i would prefer to read it every night but other than that a good game if it had a diary it would have made it ten

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i must have played this game for 6 hours str8, 4-5 times over and still haven't beat this game, it's insanely hard, to a frustrating level i was determined to beat it tonight, but it just didn't happen, great game nonetheless, i would love to see a downloadable version of this game, i would love to play it on my pc, when i don't have an internet conection, anyways, the art was great, the sounds and background music was great, there are some movement bugs that won't let you straight up and down, you have to zig zag your way around unseen obsticles, and it cost me some survivors, plz fix this, i think the bug is present on last stand one, also, i like the idea of letting survivors equip your extra weapons, the traps are kinda hit and miss, i would rather be able to throw them onto the batttlefeild as the zombies are attacking, i think that might work better... movement between towns was a good idea

the weaspons felt weaker, i expected more damage from an ak47, the hunting rifle felt about right, the uzi was good, the chainsaw was fun when the zombies crowded up against the barrier :-) the shotguns felt a little weak too, the reload time for the sawn off double barrel was longer than nesscary, but oh well...

I kinda wish you didn't have the full game over at armor games, and us newgrounders have to go overthere for 2 extra cities and wepaons, i was annoyed when i saw that (nega score points for that, and the control issues, and some other bugs i have encountered)

all in all, it was a quality zombie defense game, i hope to see this in the all time list as long as i did last stand one, i am a huge zombie game fan, and i loved to see last stand 1 up there for so long, that's for creating this game, i hope to see more from you but take some time off, you've earned it, i would like to see some wallpaper images when you get the time (the image of the church was very nicely done, as well as the sunrise simulation in the house, very nicely done)

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dude i completed your first game and that was awesome, this second one well, wow is all i can say, brilliant story line and even better than the last one. Gameplay is twice as good especially with the new features!
Score 10 its well deserved :D

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May 12, 2008
2:23 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed
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