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Sonic Sky Chase Zone V2

rated 4.39 / 5 stars
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May 11, 2008 | 5:54 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Well folks, I've taken on board the sensible criticisms of the original version of this game, and so here it is.... the all-new, improved version 2.0 of Sonic Sky Chase Zone........

As in the original version of this game, your mission is to help Sonic kill 25 Valkyn badniks in each level in order to progress to the next level. Use your skill and judgement to fly Tails's Tornado towards the badniks and then make Sonic spin-jump off the wing into them to kill them. Each level will have double the number of badniks on screen as the previous level. When you reach level 4, you must take on Dr. Robotnik in an aerial battle, while also still having to deal with badniks. Defeat Robotnik and the game will loop back to level 1, but you will then have to contend with even faster flying badniks than the previous time through. This means that each successive time you play through the game, you will find it much faster and harder than the previous time, until it becomes insanely quick and challenging. See how many times you can play through all four levels of the game to get the highest score you can.

CRUCIAL POINTS TO REMEMBER: (1) You don't want to avoid the badniks, you want to kill them while suffering as little damage as possible! (2) The Tornado airplane doesn't react to control inputs quite as quickly as either Sonic or Tails do on the ground, because it is an airplane flying through the air - it needs a little time to respond to your commands! (3) The number of badniks on screen at any time will double in each level. And the speed of them will double each time you defeat Robotnik in level 4 and the game loops back to level 1. So for example, the second time you play level 3, there will be four times as many badniks on screen moving twice as quickly as the first time you played level 1. On that basis, completing level 4 the fourth time though should be challenging enough even for the very best gamers out there (hopefully).

The controls are:
Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys to move the plane Up, Down, Left and Right
Space Bar to make Sonic spin-jump

There is an invincibility cheat just in case you feel the need to use it - press Up, Down, Left, Right + "A" in the title screen to activate it - Sonic will turn yellow and will be invulnerable to enemy hits if you enter the cheat correctly. (But since you can then never die, you will need to either press your keyboard's F5 key or click your browser's refresh button to reload the game and reset it back to "normal" mode.)

Enjoy! :-D



Rated 4 / 5 stars

This Flash Is Crunk And Fo Shizzle!

Love the concept of it. Can Be, I repeat I belive this flash with added animated holding still sonic. Idk wind in the hair and what not. And with more attacks.
Tales is just sitting there, wheres his guns? And him having Hit Points would add some action seeing if sonic died up there on the plane in one of his classic.(boing)(jumps up and falls down) And if that happen with some old school your aboot to drown or boss fight music!!!! all my 5 would belong to you, every day mann!

But in short, attacing below is a big one, as for in front, no more then a slow rate of fire gun if any. Hp for both. And different enemys; harder bosses(Which was easy seeing he couldnt hit me. But if frontal fire was there it would bring a whole new style for boss fights to be played)
And the art style for this was pretty shibby.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Way Past Cool...heh heh..old sonic catch phrase

As for everyone wanting tails' plane to shoot...erm..sorry..but in the original game..It didn't...would be cool..but um...At the time Sonic 2 was out..Tails had no guns. This is very accurate to the old game. Well done. Kinda wish he would jump higher though.
I love the graphics and level build up..even the bottom showing how close you were to robotnick. Nice.
5/5 10/10.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Could've had more.

This game was ridiculously easy. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed playing it, but even without the cheat, it was easy. Also, speaking of which, just the fact that you gave us the cheat kinda took all the fun out of it. You're supposed to keept it a secret. ;)
There could have been more options like, more enemies, different looking stages, obstacles, and well, more attacks for Robotnik at the end. I was disappointed with the fact that I beat him, and then the game loops back to level one, without an ending sequence or anything like this. In other words, I was disappointed with the ending.
Overall, it was a good game, fun to play when you don't have much to do, but as stated in the crits, it could've been executed a little better.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

what about tails???

it's supoused that tails's airplane can shoot, can it?
very good graphics, you are a very good drawing, unlike me, i suck at drawing.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Pros: Invincibility cheat ^^, good concept, and good animation
Ways to improve: make it faster, make the plane able to shoot OR make there be more enemies, and add something interesting, like powerups.

Overall: Good, but could be much better...