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The LiveSwif Tutorial

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Hey there, and welcome to the LiveSwif Tutorial! This tutorial will go in depth of all the basics about the program of LiveSwif. It will show how to make a preloader, buttons, everything! All the instructions on what to do to get started is in this tutorial. This was actually made in LiveSwif too! Also, my hat is off to GuitarHeroLOR for making such an awesome song. It works perfectly in this I think. I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and that it has helped.
Oh, and one more thing. For most of the stuff in this movie to make sense, you need to have LiveSwif open. All right, hope ya enjoy!

EDIT 1: Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! Squeal is coming along.
EDIT 2: Oh noes! I got some error and my second tutorial can't open! I'm starting over from scratch, but I think it's looking better and better. I have a menu now! :D
EDIT 3: Hurray on 1k views! :)
EDIT 4: Sorry it's taking so long for this sequel. I keep procrastinating it. I can't believe it's been 4 months since I made this one. I promise to work on it more now. Once again, sorry for the delay.

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Not bad. As a Flash designer, I've always wondered what LiveSwif was like, and found this tutorial searching for examples of what the interface looked like.

Given that this looks like it was made in LiveSwif itself, it's not bad. Thankfully you made it look a lot more professional than some tutorials I've seen, and it looks like you put care into avoiding typos and making the instructions fairly high-quality.

So what needs improvement? First off, the background is pure white. All games I've seen made in LiveSwif feature this, not sure if it's something you're stuck with but it's annoying. You could have at least added a square on a lower layer to make a colored background. But white is a little too bright for me.

Second, the images you put in are a little low quality. Flash automatically compresses images you put in, but allows you to change them back to full quality. Not positive, but my guess is LiveSwif allows this too. It would have made text much more legible. In fact, having the interface of the program as a giant background would have been really nice.

Third, some things that should be explained aren't. For instance, the two trash cans, one of which you insist is better to use than the other. Why? What's the other one do? This is a tutorial, you're supposed to explain this kind of stuff.

Last, the tutorial could use a lot more interactivity. You call this the LiveSwif tutorial but only cover preloaders and buttons. Perhaps a tutorial that has an extensive branching menu would have been better; allow players to click through only the features they need help working on so they can get their help easily.

Great but....

I just made a awesome movie but the preloader won't stop loading,I've waited 30 min now.

PinballWizard976 responds:

Don't know what to tell you.

Woah dude

Woah dude, thanks it worked so well, except that the liveswif shortcut doesn't work but i can live with that, THANKS! :)

PinballWizard976 responds:


who knows, maybe i'll get back into liveswif. use my own tutorial to help me hahaha


The problem is the default address for the preloader doesnt work. I type the address and it says that the web page never existed

PinballWizard976 responds:

:\ sorry


all i needed was preloader stuff and none of it worked there was no scene 1 to delete and how do you put it into the stupid animation it was just on the right side

PinballWizard976 responds:

I have no idea