Skittles N' Dickz

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I Agree...

I agree with you, Chris pontius is the best jackass ever and I love party boy :p
This flash rocks to, so keep up the good work man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cock jokes .___.

I like cock jokes but I got a little bit tired after a while, i think you should have picked the best ones out.

Emanhattan responds:

I had that problem with some of my clips. yep. the mortal mika ones are to TAKE THEM away

not bad

I saw skittles and bits on the old dungeon-studios site.(no longer exists)
then I was about 8 or 9 so it was still fun.
when I look at them now they do suck. (not cocks , just plain suck)
to bad you didn't cover the frieza>< Goku showdown.
do this in the sequel and I promise I'll vote 5.

You did something Skittles N Bitz couldn't...

Make me laugh.

I seriously hated the original SKittles N Bitz. And very little of what he did was actually funny. However you three are much funnier. I really hope you guys make a sequel. What you guys got here is gold. The movie had a nice amount of normal humor so I didn't feel awkward staring at a bunch cocks throughout it. I look foward to you three's future work.

funny as hell.

the was hell of a funny.

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May 11, 2008
10:11 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody