Skittles N' Dickz

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This is probably the funniest video i have seen with the word "Dick" being the main take of the whole thing! :D

Ok lemmie ask something it would be greatly appreciated if you answer :)

That "Everyone loves fart jokes XD" was making fun of Skittles n Bitz eh :P? Painfully obvious!

Oh yeah was that "Omg Epic Battle!!!!" Was that a shot @ Super Mario Bros Z? or MK vs SF series? OR BOTH?!

Haha it's ok you can tell the truth ;)

Overall this was very enjoyable and just plain great :D Make more if you please, if not i will upper cut your taint :D! Not really..

Chris Pontius stinks!!!!

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Emanhattan responds:

well the epic battle stuff was just a parody of practically any sprite fight on NG.

as for chris pontius... why..?

OMG!! Haha

That was the most awsome thing ever! Omg, keep it up, make a sequal! That was so random, it was hard not to laugh haha. And i loved the Party Boy parts


it is retarted... and somewhat disturbing... and gay... buy hey thats a parody all about n stuff i guess still quite cheap tho


when i first saw this i thought "has the kitty crew finnaly put sumthing good on the portal besides crap" but that was not the situation. now this will probably keep a score of about 3 because of the upsetting name and your previous work .......it is better than robot chicken

Emanhattan responds:

there is a funny story behind this flash because... when we sent it people actially TOUGHT it was a spam cartoon. after it passed judgement it had the amusing score of 3.1 I wanted to beat the crap of my anus I was very mad at that shit.

stillwe got frontpage and dayly feat. : D


this was retarded. i didnt even laugh once, its a cheap imitation of skittlez and bits except you like dicks and you have a gay obsession with party boy.

thanks for wasting part of my life.

next time, try to do something original and forget about the dicks.

Emanhattan responds:

chris pontius is A GOD amongst us.
and btw its not an imitation its called a "PA-RO-DY"
and its suposed to be retarded n shit
didnt you go to the "newgrounds movies" course? what do they teach to children these days

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4.11 / 5.00

May 11, 2008
10:11 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody