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The Torture Game 2

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A follow up to the first one allowing a bit more freedom.

Read the instructions inside.
It would probably be best to have the latest flash player installed.

A small update:
Changing the ropes length can now also be done using the up and down arrows.
Detached limbs shouldn't take damage any more.
And there is twice as much health.

Added a shotgun and AK47.
Also you can now upload a picture to use in place of the default face.

Fixed the shotgun problem.


I shook him and he exploded. And then I laughed.

Not much you can do to this guy... He doesn't have a penis.
Being roped up and shaken to death wouldn't seem half bad if I didn't have a weiner.

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good game

boy ima have nightmares tonight...

torture game 2

Imangine it with c4 and a electric shock thing that sent a pulse of electric through them

Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so f$#@$#@ up! But a good flash.

Good job

Well. Its a job well done but more tools. Id like to cut my victim up and make them slowly feel the pain of a thousand tortured souls. Also screams and facial expressions would keep me entertained. For new tools id add a knife and more interactivity like you could stab him or slice him open. Also add things like...infinate health as an unlockable thing. So since im not completely satisfied and more tools seem to be on high demand. you get a 6/10

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4.24 / 5.00

May 11, 2008
7:58 AM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy