The Torture Game 2

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A follow up to the first one allowing a bit more freedom.

Read the instructions inside.
It would probably be best to have the latest flash player installed.

A small update:
Changing the ropes length can now also be done using the up and down arrows.
Detached limbs shouldn't take damage any more.
And there is twice as much health.

Added a shotgun and AK47.
Also you can now upload a picture to use in place of the default face.

Fixed the shotgun problem.



If u add more weapons this will be awesome



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Is there a point to this?

I'm in agreement with wetfeet, I found this game completely sick. While it may have been funny to do certain things, some items were disgusting and I thought they were too much (razor blade for the most part). I give it a 2/10 just because I DID laugh at some of the things (such as a random decapitation near the top half of the screen if you drag him there, or random limbs falling off if you drag him around)

So bloody sick that it's good

Like everybody said, screams can greatly enhance this for-junior-Elite-Hunters game/training. He sounded like he's concealing an orgasm when he died. But then again it could get annoying after a while.

I agree with the previous reviewer for adding more choices of victim, though I have to disagree on the gay person. We're not bigoted sick torturers/killers.

Ooh and maybe a more realistic skin for the guy - you know - Hair, genitalia , expression. As much as we like to torture Sim, I think we're like to torture realistic dolls more.

I expected to be disgusted by the game, which I was, though I continued on and went through 5, 6 victims. Humans are naturally sick, methinks.

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sick and twisted

i absolutely love it
its a big improvement from the first one
i thought that you could have done better with the rope though
it seemed really loose and i didnt think it work to well

But overall 5! 5! 5!
Great Job!
Consider a sequel!!!

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4.24 / 5.00

May 11, 2008
7:58 AM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy