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Disco Fish 2

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Author Comments

Eat small red/blue/yellow fish for points and health.

Worms give you a big health boost.

Eating the same color fish consecutively multiplies your points.

Avoid the larger Disco fish!

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not much better than the last.

Could be better

It was quite a fun game at the start, no new challenges really presented themselves, apart from trying not to die, no different tanks or anything. Also, I'm not sure if it just seemed like it, but there was an area around the other fish that if I went in, took off health, so I could swim quite close to another fish, but not touch it, and lose a lot of health, try sort that for the next one, if there is one and add variation.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'll work on improving it more.

Hrm, not bad.

Games of this nature don't have much replay value, though this game rather lacks that department (Not by much though).
This game is like some of the other "fish in the sea" games where you eat the smaller fish but avoid the bigger fish, though the mechanics are just a bit changed since you can't grow, and that's the part where it cuts into the "play time". It's addictive (At least for me) to get into bigger fish and then finally chomping on those other fish that could of eaten you before. Though I am in no way implying you should be like the rest of the pack, I am glad you didn't just make a straight rip-off of those types of games.
One of the things I liked about this game was the fact that the other fish actually moved in directions besides a straight line. However I must point out the only addition is the a parabolic path, perhaps more variation in waypoints next game (It'll add more to the replay value). ANd perhaps you should make an AI where some bigger fish will chase after the smaller fish (That you also want).
While you don't necessarily need to include the growth game mechanics (Perhaps it's better if you don't), you should add more variation and surprise for the dodging.
Not a bad game.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate them. Thanks for checking it out.


Well, for one it was nice and colorful. I will also probably have this music stuck in my head for the next hour or so... overall, a nice game. Like others have already said, powerups would be a good idea, as well as increasing in size. Also... is the ground supposed to drain your health?

MaxManning responds:

Your health slowly depletes over time. It's meant to keep you moving, as eating fish is your energy source as well as points.

oi, fish games

well, ive seen worse ive seen better. its ok but its turned into another dodge this grab that game.

MaxManning responds:

Sorry you didn't enjoy it much. Thanks for checking it out though!