A FF6 Meeting FE6 Short

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Here's the sequel of "Final Fantasy VI Meets Fire Emblem VI"!
This time,Final Fantasy fans may like it,while Fire Emblem fans may not like it.

^^^~ ~WARNINGS!~~^^

1-I'm not a Final Fantasy nor a Fire Emblem hater!

2-If you don't like Final Fantasy,Fire Emblem or Sprite Movies,do not watch it!

3-When the movie finish loading,it'll start automatically.

4-If you find grammar erros('cause I know there are some),that's because I'm Brazilian,and my english isn't that good,also my keypad is bugged.

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Roy would never lose! but i love you put the two 6's together great job

Oh wow

I love Fire Emlbem but this is hystirical! Why could Roy say something like that in the game. XD LOVE IT! Maybe next time you should have Cloud pwnd Marth.

that was pretty good

that was pretty good only two thangss bug me 1)u swich who wins in both movies
2) frie emblem should have won but i don't care

Not bad...

This is definitely a big improvement from your previous flash movies. If you keep this up you'll end up getting higher scores and maybe even an award one day. Just keep practicing! Don't forget that my first flash movie was just all text. I was actually experimenting with some effects and I eventually evolved into a better flash animator because of that movie. Anyway this movie was far to short considering the file size. This should have at least been 700 KB and maybe 1 MB at the most. Just keep at it and you'll eventually put out something really good!


Mig64 responds:

Thanks for the review,buddy!;P
About the flash movie size,SWiSHmax only exports from SWF4 to SWF6,I obivously export on SWF6 but yet it continues too heavy.>_<

Even I am surprised with the file size.
Maybe it's the musics,I cannot optimize them since I lost the program that could do it.

See ya,Vince,and thank you very much for the review!

Um.. errr

The movie wasn't that bad, but I'm scratching my head, trying to figure out why the file size it so big. The sprite work was fine, but I think you should invest some time learning how to optimize your flash. Keep working at it.

Mig64 responds:

It's the version of the flash movie...
My flash program can only export from SWF Version 4 to 6,that's what make it so heavy.

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4.72 / 5.00

May 10, 2008
7:23 PM EDT