Plug in and die

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You know that? You're at home, lying on your bed,.. and you just want to plug out. Then this movie is the straight opposite of that!

thank's for your reviews guy's. can you please Help me to get this in the Sticks Collection? Thanks Upfront =D!!!



i'm sorry, but i think this flash is seriously overrated. it's nowhere near terrible, but it lacks originality, and it felt repetitive due to the fact that the victim's screams were nearly all the same. U could've done a much better job with teh graphics, the sword looked crappy. Finally, the one thing that makes this movie really mediocre is that the main stick character faced no challenge from the other sticks, making a boring and repetitive plot, if there is any. Stick fightin movies like this should have at least two super-skilled stick rivals or somethin, only a lifeless moron would want 2 watch something as predictable as an invincible god-like figure fight against a bunch of sissy sticks and having the same result every time.

Take the Madness series for example, it basically has the same plot as every single stick fightin movie in existence, but it has an super-skilled god-like guy fight jesus and an immortal zombie clown in a world that another misterious character controls. now THAT i wanna watch. in short, give it a plot and give the main guy a challenge

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it was decent.

I give you a ten and a four for originallity and this is about a regular stick fighting flash...

this is awsome

man i love your video its awsome i hope im as goo as that one day and i like the sound affects and the music ima go watch some more of your videos good vid by the way


It was really good. It flowed nicely. I don't know why but i started counting the dead stick people, i only made it to 54. Great!


I liked how the screen moves with every hit, it seems a lot more realistic than other stick fighters I have seen! Lightsaber was well animated and the characters had fluent, lifelike movement. lHow long did this take to make? Well done!

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4.19 / 5.00

May 10, 2008
3:16 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place May 11, 2008