LOZ: Target Smash

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this is an old project that i decided to tidy up and submit. i always liked the engine but could never turn it into a game, so i made a survival mode. its pretty addictive and its always fun to try to beat your highscore.

i recommend u get accustomed to the controls in the how to play menu. in this game, getting used to how the character moves and attacks is KEY

I guarantee you lol

check out some of my other games, Devils Never Cry is the best, and Planet Invaders is interesting and has very good AI



It's good^^ but could do better....gameplay isn't exactly confortable and easy;....it has some bugs n its programation^^ iv u get too close to a baloo n yur just chargin the arrow it allready disapears....thats a big one^^ better luck next time

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JCesta responds:

i knew about that one, but i kept it because if you use it right it makes an interesting combat tool

its ok

| 0 |
| |
| |

the 0 is the tarrget and i can get it and its all ways ther its so gay
but love the sprites and all

JCesta responds:

use teh wall jump. still cant get it? use a wall jump and an arrow.


Ability to change the controls... working off of a mac with the newest OS on it... its a pain to do the jumping and attacking... because control also enables the window switching O.o Id be playing it and go to attack a target half way off of the floor and it would switch to Itunes and s**t... So I don't know if the game is good or not...

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JCesta responds:

i never thought of mac frendly controls
Ill remember that for now on

Needs work

Personally, I see this as a prototype. The Mad-lib doesn't seem to work (when I used it anyway). The animation at times was a little rigid and the key alocations were a bit weird. Plus some of the targets were impossible to hit.

My advise (take it or leave it):
Fix the Mat-Lib (whatever it is).
Adjust the targets so they only appear within reach and possible remove the wall jump because you can't move forwards and strike at the same time, the key doesn't respond (because ctrl arrow has a different ASCII code than ctrl followed by arrow).
May be add a sidescroll option.
Possibly add a boss stage system fighting large enemies.

Very good for what it is, but needs improving to hit the all important 10/10. If you redo and make an improvement I'd be more than happy to give it a 10. Great concept just needs a little work on execution.

A plot line might be ok, but its not needed. Link was in soul calibur 2 and that made no sense even though it did supposedly have a plot. Besides, Link doesn't need a reason to fight. He's like its what he does.

Thats all for now.

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Thats not bad. it freeforms really well, and isn't clunky at all. The bad points include:
1: It only has one mode
2: That mode isn't all that good in the way it's kinda impossible later on.
3: Good music, but no real sound effects
4: It should be more of a hack and slash, really.

Good points are
1 It's really free to use, and not clunky at all.
2: It keeps you amused.
3: It's got awesome music.

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2.93 / 5.00

May 10, 2008
1:03 PM EDT
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