WeRBopBop #12

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Request: I want to see the tranny get pregnant and shit a baby tranny out his ass.

Requested by: Bboy

In this mother's day spectacular, Tranny BopBop gives birth! Featuring Reverend BopBop, Obama BopBop and the regular BopBop gang.

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Thanks for watching, Newgrounds!


totally sick and disgusting but it's hilarius

to funny, you're great WeRBopBop i added you to my favorite artist'.s

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I think its coming out my a$$
Well were else would you think it would come out of!

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I had a nightmare after watching this.

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dat iz the best 1 yet.its a massterpiece.that tranny avin dat baby was discustingly funny.but the best part was deffinatly wenn dat revrent was tellin that 911 story..5/5/obviasly.

Holy shit!

The first half of this might be the funniest thing I've seen this year. The second half was......eh, ok at best. I tossed it a 10 (and a 5) because I practically fell out of my chair laughing a few times before the birth scene came up. That part just didn't have (m)any jokes, and the ones there weren't nearly as good as the first ones. I like your work because of the fast paced, incredibly offensive, no holds barred sense of humor you weave into them. Likewise, I know not everything will jive 100% with me, and that's quite alright, because when it does it makes me laugh like few things do these days. Keep up the great work.

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3.96 / 5.00

May 10, 2008
12:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Original