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Protect your castle, fortified bunker or plasma tower at all costs. Use your main cannon to kill enemy units. You can also build defensive towers and train units. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Or check instructions for some hotkeys. And remember - upgrading is very important in this game!

You gain experience points for every unit you kill. Once you gather enough EXP points you can advance to the next age and train better units and more power full towers. Sadly this version contains only the first age, to play full version you have to play the game on funny games.

Check online guide for detailed instructions and descriptions of units and structures in the game.

I'm not happy that lots of you already took our test version from either Funny Games or Flashconquerors.com and published it on your portals without even asking. Well, at least make sure you publish it in the right resolution (990*590)!! or get this modified version (800*590)!
don't mess with the resolution making text unreadable etc and don't ruin the game for gamers.

Thanks flejmen for his awesome work!


Nice game

I think this game is great - as far as I know from playing the first age. Please don't put demos on Newgrounds that leech to your lousy site.

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Miluska responds:

you know, developing flash games is not free .. and this one cost us quite a penny .. so we'd like to keep exclusive full version for a while before we release it for the masses .. that day will come :)


this was submitted before and nothing has changed

Miluska responds:

thanks for your useless review ..
can you show me the submission you are talking about?!

I don't normally get into Tower Defense Games

But this one seemed different than others I have played. For one, I liked the idea of having some control over attacks myself. The ballistic crossbow looking thing on top of the main castle was great to have to augment troops and other towers that weren't under player control. The only thing is that it did seem rather easy. not sure if that was a function of the strategy I ended up accidentally adopting (i didn't upgrade for the longest time, only shielded the towers and castle with fence at the bottom of the screen and bought new towers when needed, which allowed me to acrue a lot of money that I finallly used to upgrade nearly everything at once), but there wasn't a wave I couldn't lick in under 10 seconds after a while.

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Miluska responds:

thanks for review ..
I guess you played easy difficulty right? .. try playing it on hard! ;)
that;s why we let gamers select difficulty .. sometimes people tell us that it is hard even when played on easy diff :)

NICE Game!

But Demos on newgrounds suck!

Nothing new

Nothing here that hasn't been done before, and kinda rough around the edges. One thing I especially dislike is that you can shoot faster by clicking faster. I like my fingers in the condition they're in, thanks. Also, projectiles should stand out more, so you can tell what you (and your towers) are shooting at.

The units are a neat idea, but I didn't find them very useful.

Miluska responds:

you're not the first who mentioned that "problem" with firing .
we'll work it out in FC 2 .. if there will be any ..

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3.80 / 5.00

May 9, 2008
10:51 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)