Flash Conquerors

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Protect your castle, fortified bunker or plasma tower at all costs. Use your main cannon to kill enemy units. You can also build defensive towers and train units. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Or check instructions for some hotkeys. And remember - upgrading is very important in this game!

You gain experience points for every unit you kill. Once you gather enough EXP points you can advance to the next age and train better units and more power full towers. Sadly this version contains only the first age, to play full version you have to play the game on funny games.

Check online guide for detailed instructions and descriptions of units and structures in the game.

I'm not happy that lots of you already took our test version from either Funny Games or Flashconquerors.com and published it on your portals without even asking. Well, at least make sure you publish it in the right resolution (990*590)!! or get this modified version (800*590)!
don't mess with the resolution making text unreadable etc and don't ruin the game for gamers.

Thanks flejmen for his awesome work!


great game

really great game, if this had levels and able to move around through a campaign mode, this will be almost as good as warcraft!

(how do you get more money:P)

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Miluska responds:

thanks! :)

well, we will try to add a campaign mode to sequel of flash conquerors (it there will be any ;)

Here is the link

Here is the other game everyone is talking about:

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /437940

It said it was submitted by flejmen, the guy who is authored on this one.
But something may have happened and you had a reason to repost so im not going to be a jerk and vote 0.

I like the mix of flash empires and AoW. It's nice.

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Miluska responds:

thanks for the link.. that was not valid submission and got deleted...
it was submitted later by someone who stole it .. also got deleted...
and now some smartasses vote 0 saying it is repost ..

also this version is different than the first one ..

Its really fun

This game is really fun and I have played similar games like this one before, but this one is different then the other ones and its pretty addictive after a while!

Miluska responds:

TY! :)

Ive seen a game alot like this before..

Idk not that original but it's pretty fun. Nice graphics.

Hold on, i remember this from before. nothing differnent..

Miluska responds:

hold on! where have you seen this before?
you mean one those stolen submissions?

Not original !

It is not original, but who cares.
I like it, and it let me think about times when i was playing Age of empires. :D
Very interesting game.

Miluska responds:

thanks .. I also love AOE ..
FC still needs a lot of work and improvements to be at least comparable to AOE ..

perhaps FC2 or multiplayer FC will be released in coming months ;) who knows

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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

May 9, 2008
10:51 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)