Unfounded Revenge

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I really love Mother 3, and it breaks my heart that there might never be an official translation (although the folks at mother3.fobby.net are doing good work with their fantranslation, go give them love and support). Listening to Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl soundtrack reminded me of how much I loved the game and its soundtrack and its characters, and here we are.

THERE ARE SOME MOTHER 3 SPOILERS IN THIS AS A WARNING. I don't know how much sense they'd make out of context, but if you ARE trying to avoid spoilers, then I probably wouldn't watch this. It's up to you though.

Anyway, when I pictured this I had in mind those elaborate, pixelated black and white animated GIFs you see around occasionally, the ones with very detailed animation in a small space with limited colors. But to sync it with the music right, I went with Flash instead, thus why the entire thing is only in black and white. Deliberate stylistic choice, not laziness. |D The Smashing Song of Praise part also wasn't me being lazy, I just pictured it in my head as still shots so there you go.

I thought this'd be a quick project but it took way longer than I thought. :B



That was really great! I admit, I actually don't know anything about this series, but this video makes me feel like you must love it. Another very fun-to-watch video with a good amount of detail and movement. I actually really like the fact that it's all in black and white, and the style you used here fits well, as opposed to your cleaner/sharper colored videos.
Also, great job matching the action/story elements to the music. It all flows extremely well!

reminds me of....

spkie valentines speed anims, whereas he does those to practice you did this for fandom, which i was i just entered. now official zarla fan!


5 out of 5 cause i like the number five and cause this was that good.


Don't know what else to say except I have played enough of Mother 3 that there were no spoilers and that was good man. Oh and if anyone from Nintendo is reading this RELEASE MOTHER 3 TO US PLEASE!

Oh my pork!

Best Mother 3 animation evar! Nice work! Hope you will make more like this in the future!

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May 9, 2008
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