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Stick trinity 2

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In the second part of Stick Trinity the guards are returning as zombies. Your mission is to kill them all with your Katana! Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Double tap LEFT or RIGHT ARROWS to charge. Press "A" KEY for attack, "S" KEY for mortal strike (require Rage Points). Use "C" KEY to change character. Once you defeat a boss double press "C" KY to play next chapter. Lets Fight!

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the zombies and the bosses are easy exept for the big bosses IT MAKES THE BEST GAME LOOK RUBBISH 10/10 DUDE!!!

This is a good game. Heres a few suggestions

This is a good game but heres some suggesstions for the next game if you are making one.

1. give the stick figures the acessories back i kinda liked them.

2. give each guy a separate life bar so that when one is attacked it won't affect the others.

3. i have some suggestions for new characters.
a. A man who has falcon talons(gloves that has claw like blades.
basic attack: 3 swipes
mortal attack: Falcon Rage( swipes its enemies several times.
b. A woman that uses 2 metal fans that are actually blades.
basic attack: 2 swipes that looks like she is dancing
Mortal Strike: 360 feather dance
c. An old man that uses a chained sickle.
basic attack: swipes his sickle
Mortal Strike: Jumps into the middle of the air and swings his sickle around him.

These are my suggestions.
ope you make a Stick Trinity 3

Wheres stick trinity 1?

I love to play stick trinity 1 , but where is it? Anyway good game!

madness8878 responds:

errr.. you really want stick trinity 1? I think madness interactive is much more better... haha....seriously....

Great, but a few glitches

Its a very nice game, really fun and interesting to play. However, I encountered a glitch - on the first level, after the boss's life went down to 0, it just stood there until the timer went out, so I couldnt win even though I had defeated the boss for that level. This may or may not, though, be a result of the old version of flash on my mother's work computer that I am currently using. One other minor thing I noticed was that the difficulty automatically starts at 3, you would assume it would start at 1, and then you could make it harder after getting some experience.

madness8878 responds:

Once you defeat a boss double press "C" KY to play next chapter

Stick Trinity is better then this

This game is ok but Stick Trinity is better then this sequal.
All i want to say is to not make the health look easy to beat us. i got hit 5 times and lost and that wasnt a boss battle. make our health go down not too much.5/10 3/5


madness8878 responds:

5 hit? wow? when i was testing i got bout 10hit+ then only die...

Credits & Info

4.60 / 5.00

May 8, 2008
11:13 PM EDT