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Sonic Reversal: Ep. II

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[STILL EDITING] Ahh!!! Front page! And so many reviews! I don't know if I can read them all! Seriously, people, thanks! This is possibly the most recognized achievement I've ever made! Thank you all! I guess that means I'm not disappointed now.

[EVEN MORE EDITING] Yeah! Daily second! Thanks people! Although I'm sorely disappointed that this episode didn't make the front page, I guess it's because I didn't make much of a first impression. (seeing how I had major flaws the first two times I uploaded it) I also should've considered what I was up against. Oh well. Maybe next time, right?

[EDIT] Sorry. I made a couple mistakes. Please disregard them for a moment as I fix them up. [MORE EDIT] I made another mistake!! Ah!!! [EDIT EVEN MORE] Finally! I'm done with the blatantly obvious mistakes.

Okay! My second flash animation is submitted! It took me less than half the time to make this second episode, but this one is twice as good, if not more, than my first episode.

As I promised, this episode is in 24 fps, contrary to my first episode, which was 12 fps, so the movement is much more fluid and the battle is much faster paced. If you've seen my first episode, I'm sure you'll be VERY pleased with the results, and how much I've improved. I've also included hidden buttons within the movie to navigate through it more easily.

I've got four easter eggs inside this flash! If you want more details, see my news post about it. Also, do not be surprised if the next episode or two don't advance the plot as much, because I made this flash with only two things in mind: music and fight scenes.

Also, if you find any faults in it, please PM me so I can do what I can to get it fixed.

DISCLAIMER: Everything within this flash animation is copyright of their original owners. I own none of the copyrights for anything within this flash animation.


Even better than the first one!

Well, I don't know how the previous, non-fixed versions were, but this one is nearly perfect.
That fight was EPIC.
Very nice animation, story etc.
10/10 5/5 you deserve it.

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WinterStorm responds:

Well, the first time I uploaded the video, the buttons during the credits didn't take you to the right place. I was stupid enough to make that same mistake again the second time I uploaded it.

man this is awesome.

Total Awesomeness

This series is BRILLIANT! The fight scene was intense, the sounds were completely in sync, and the story is amazing! It might have been a little far-fetched, but it fits the Sonic universe so well. "All the world's gems are mine to keep." Boy, does that bring me back. If this was a game, I would buy it the minute its released!

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Blown away

This is better than the last one. Awesome fight scenes, dialect, and story. Everything is in character (except Shadow, but I love the humour) and it feels plausible as a real story within the Sonic universe. I'm looking forward to the next one.

this is cool!

wow i didnt know knuckles was that strong

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4.13 / 5.00

May 8, 2008
4:45 PM EDT