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Author Comments

Seriously ppl's why hate Emo's.... they havn't done enything wrong

big deal they cut them selves...thats a stereo type only som do....also som religouse ppl cut them selves to ease pain...

please accept this ... i want heaps of reviews from every1 who hates Emo's to giv me a gud reason they haye'em....
also if u like my preloader too




well maybe becoz people look us kinda weird on how we keep telling ourself that life sucks .. people just dont understand what emo's are going true .. people are just jealous coz emo's are so COOL.. and so close too their emotion that's why they call them emo get it?anyway im kinda emo and i think that not everyone hate's emo some of them accept the way they are while others dont.. in my situation emo's arent that bad thy made nice poetry and scars themselves .... i think its cool that the way they troubled can make them silent sometimes

I find it offensive

As an Emo I find this really offensive!
Anyone can cut themselves, and you posted what it appears to be the kid had finnaly had enough and gone in to shoot up a place. I find this offensive...
if that's not the message you were getting at then, please do explain.

not all emos cut

people shouldn't hate emos. emos cutting is only a stupid stereotype

im agree

i tink thet are a bit jalous from emo becos they are cool and sweet and they are sensitive persone and is more easy to make them sad...so is probaly for that they hate emo... poor emo... :(

Thanks :)

Thank you I completly agree! Emos are some of the nicest people you can come across 10/10, people should stop making fun of emos its really cruel and that guy you smashed into the lockers deserved that.

Mestevez responds:

lol thanx dude XD atleast u understand that im tryin to say leave emos' alone lol

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May 8, 2008
9:55 AM EDT
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