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Fat Trick Boarder

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Yo newgrounds!

This is a laidback game. You board back and forth in levels, do tricks, grind around. You get points by doing cool stuff, and send it in to world wide highscore lists.

arrows - steer and jump
hold 's' - trick
hold 'd' - grind
press 'm' - mute sound

- 5 tricks (combinate keys, jeesus!)
- grinding
- physics based, which does *NOT* mean realistic, but merely physics based
- accurate hit detection
- blah blah blah

Oh and I know the graphics are not the best, but sometimes you just don't feel like pushing the limit of what you can do. I'm happy with it.

Eeh, whatever... Enjoy!

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I love it :D

I love it man xD
It's great :D

Great Game

It could use nicer graphics but i like the style and thanks for using my song man.

Awesome stuff buddy!

I'm not so good with these snowboarding games, but I had fun anyway. The tricks were pretty neat, and graphics were good, could've been better, but like you stated you were just going for the simplistics.
awesome job bud!


Alot of things wrong...

I don't always get my points even after I did the movie, or if I let go or switch to do a different move the previous does not complete and I get no points meaning I've just wasted my time doing it.

Another thing is when I'm going up ramps and I hitt he underneath of an area making the trick I was trying to do cancel.

You can also spam the super man move, I'm not sure if this is not suppose to happen or not.

Fickludd responds:

Have some response:
- if you don't complete a trick, why should you get points for it?
- mm, yeah it's irritating to hit the roof while doing a trick. You can imagine it breaking your concentration.
- Yeah you can spam the super man move. It's ugly but I left it in anyway :D.

Hope you had some fun anyway.

Biggest request ever

Can you please teach me how to crash??

Fickludd responds:

I suppose you hit it like every other part of the drum set. :D