Roller Coaster Rush

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Take your riders on a gut-wrenching, yowling rollercoaster terror ride! Negotiate huge peaks, steep valleys, loop-the-loops, jumps and more! Race for the best time without flying off the tracks. Speed increases your excitement meter, multiplying your score, but even small jolts are enough to send carts hurtling into space!

We've made a couple of improvements to this build (like fixing the Play button!) and hope you enjoy it.


Doesn't cut it.

Original and stylish, this can definitely be an addicting game. The only problem is the pay to play ideology which saps all your enjoyment when you realize that after only three levels, you are forced to make a purchase on a game you have no intention on buying.

I think it's an honest way to make a living, creating games and selling them for profit, but Newgrounds is a sharing community, and unless you have more to share, this isn't the place to display your products.

Since I do think this is a good game, I will not give it a ZERO, but having to pay for the rest is too much for this website. Maybe if you allowed all/half the levels, you will probably receive more decent reviews.

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Seriously... whether your game or not... make the physics realistic because that's what all rollercoaster games are BASED on... a roller coaster can fly off the tracks at a minimal speed either... because they are locked onto the track... you have to be going extremely fast with enough force pulling up to get it to dislodge, and FFS stop with the purchas bs people... if you have enough money and TIME to post something on here... you do not need the extra money, though I understand if you're making a living off of it. However almost everyone has their own job, and ask for donations, not to purchase the whole damn game... its pointless. Annnd last but not least, it is not "gut-wrenching" nor is it a "terror ride" and big whoop you fixed the play button... who cares?

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pretty interesting, here are some tips for players:
On the first track, you have to be daring. On steep hills, slow down. you will fly off and crash on the next hill.

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seen it

this game is preety awsome, but I have already seen.
be original next time.

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Regardless if its a duplicate or not, really, 3 tracks out of 3 continates????? What a damn scam man. I think I am gonna join my fellow NG users and state go somewhere else to make money man.

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3.32 / 5.00

May 7, 2008
4:03 PM EDT
Action - Other