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Part 3 of my To Catch A Predator parody



....uh huh

well it still looked alright but seemed rushed with the story line

Was Alright

You hit some buttons, but missed others. This felt too much like it was meant to be the real show and the funny part is suppose to be that they are comic characters. But how is that funny? You're artwork was good and the animation seemed smooth. Voice acting could use some improvement. However, I would also like to ask why is The Thing afraid of guns? Only other thing I can say is to perhaps lengthen the time of the movie. Seems kinda short the way it currently is.

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Snakejohnson responds:

IT was supposed to be like the show. That's why it's called a parody. And there seem to be hundreds of other people emailing me telling me it's funny. Maybe it's just not your type of humour. And truth be told, I could make a 3 hour movie on Newgrounds and people would say it was too short. I'm sorry I don't have the time or money to do epic productions, but so is life.


well that was sorta ok... still give u a 5 tho.. the other 2 were much better tho...

good stuff

not bad

It's almost like...

...you tried to submit it as soon as possible.. it seems incomplete and lacks the humor the predecessors had!

Snakejohnson responds:

No. All 4 parts are meant to be viewed as one cartoon. I spent a at least 3 months on all of them. I think thats more than enough time for a single animator to spend on such a project.

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3.79 / 5.00

May 7, 2008
10:06 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody