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Cool Things 838

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An intricate look at what happens to those that play too much Team Fortress 2.

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Some cool things

Fun the art style was smooth especially with the lock characters anyways no changes needed here, I really like the randomness of it all, this was pretty entertaining and some nice fun stylish visual elements here, you have some good ideas and you made thim come a live here with this one so really nice job here, I look forward to even more of this randomness.

the art style was smooth especially with the lock characters anyways no changes needed here


JujubeLock responds:

Dude, stop reviewing 11 year old flash. You have a serious problem. You have been doing this compulsive reviewing thing for almost 20 years now. Please seek professional help.

And yes, I understand that you gave a positive review, but I seriously do not care. Coming back to this site on a whim and seeing you up to your old habit is just sad.


the credits were longer than the actual flash and the only thing this has to do with tf2 is the fact that the one ball says medic, not to sound like simon cowell but this was absolutely dreadful.

WinchesterLock responds:

lol, learn to portal, stupid flashes are the point of Cool Things. :3

Great job, Winchester.

This was a great contribution to the Cool Things series. It's very random, and to tell you the truth, it took about 5 seconds to understand it after the movie was over.

WinchesterLock responds:



10/10 and 5'd

WinchesterLock responds:

oh my

Ball Lock...

Well this is a good tribute to the lock legions... You should improve this video before you get SH!T from users who doesn't like crap-like videos.
^_^ Don't Delete cause I'm annoying

WinchesterLock responds:

nah, no deletion. The angry responses are usually priceless.