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This is my final for my sophomore year of animation at KCAI. The idea for this came about a few years ago. I was doing a flash animation class over the summer with a friend. The teacher Bill wanted us to animate a fable. Instead of use an existing one, I made my own story. After that day I never went back to that class and never did any animation that summer either. The thought was still in my head and since I already had the story board laid out it made things a little easier. All of the animation in hand drawn frame by frame in flash with a wacom tablet. The camera movements and stuff was done using after effects CS3. The music is "To Our Surprise" from the Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack by Yoko Shimimura. All I ask is that you watch the whole thing, its only 1 minute, you can do it. Leave me any reviews you have and enjoy.

[EDIT] Holy Friggin Crap! Wow! The front page, this is so awesome! I hoped to get the front page before I graduate from KCAI but I didn't expect this one to do so well. Thanks everybody who voted and gave me great reviews.


very,very,very funny!

wus that plane random?
i wus exspecting the weasle to bring out an AK47 lol do a new one with a jet instead! that would be so totally coral
(im gay i got that from spuonge bob). i bet you are saying im retarded! well im a retard and im proud!

Not bad

Yeah that was pretty good

Not bad at all.

This was very good animation, very funny, very cute.




stupid eagle very funny i knew something wud happen but i never expected a plane. could b a bit longer though and da title kinda ruined it. still though i enjoyed it

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4.21 / 5.00

May 6, 2008
10:55 AM EDT
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