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This is my final for my sophomore year of animation at KCAI. The idea for this came about a few years ago. I was doing a flash animation class over the summer with a friend. The teacher Bill wanted us to animate a fable. Instead of use an existing one, I made my own story. After that day I never went back to that class and never did any animation that summer either. The thought was still in my head and since I already had the story board laid out it made things a little easier. All of the animation in hand drawn frame by frame in flash with a wacom tablet. The camera movements and stuff was done using after effects CS3. The music is "To Our Surprise" from the Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack by Yoko Shimimura. All I ask is that you watch the whole thing, its only 1 minute, you can do it. Leave me any reviews you have and enjoy.

[EDIT] Holy Friggin Crap! Wow! The front page, this is so awesome! I hoped to get the front page before I graduate from KCAI but I didn't expect this one to do so well. Thanks everybody who voted and gave me great reviews.


I'm only outting this in to keep my Karma OK -Joke

I really like this, although very short it is great.
10/10. Good animation too.

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Great smooth animation, good concept, its just a little too short and I can hear a pause in the music. If you expanded on the concept a little more it would be better, and if you made the music as smooth as your animation it would be better still.
Do those two things and it would be 10/10 material.

Also "I didn't expect this one to do so well", this is one of your worse ones??

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lol thats cool

but 1 thing that blew it all up for a 10/10

It's just a 3mins short


Wonderful, smooth animation, everything's just great, it's just a little short.

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it was really good but take the ending out of the author comments lol

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4.21 / 5.00

May 6, 2008
10:55 AM EDT
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