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lol, Okay then. This is a quick flash I made involving our hero of time, Link. This whole random zelda flash came from an inside joke, that me an my buds had back in High school. We always wondered what would happen if you actually got to fight the cucco's when you attacked them, instead of you having to haul ass, to leave the area so the attack would stop? (or in this case, just the one cucco.) Took only about 2 weeks to get this done. Most random idea for a flash Iv'e ever had.... Anyway, it seems even our hero has his limits. Is this Cucco easy target practice, or is link in for the suprise of his life? It's anyones guess really. lol. Sorry for it being such a short movie. DX The next one, I intend to make longer.


Wow, I got daily 5th place? o.o thank you all! Iv'e never gotten a trophy on here before. ^^ :D I want to thank you all on your kind reviews and support! I definetly will try even harder on part two, you all have inspired me to try harder. I'll try to fix most of the flaws I made on this one for my next one. I'm not sure exactly when I can start work on part 2, but when i finish, I'm submitting it right here on NG, so watch out for it in the future!



Finally, Link gets ripped a new one by a cucco.


Nicely done.


it was ok, link did just learn not to fuck with a cuccoo, but that was just stupid and took way too damn long, you can better than that

lmao...uhh wtf

uhh this reminds me of family guy...when peter fights the cock..*i mean chicken hen thing..O_o...anways pretty good stuff...

Chiken ball Z!

I never could beat those damn chikens! Major respect to the badassed artist!
Looking forward to the second part! Peace Out, One World!

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May 6, 2008
4:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody