unknown battle

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i will be working on another, hopefully better one, during the summer.


Keep workin' on it

Not too bad for a start. Looking forward to seeing how you improve over the summer! Maybe less circles and more different shapes haha.

Not too shabby, well, okay, it was shabby.

Nothing that can't be improved though. You seem to grasp the idea of tweening good enough, all was done on seperate layers and I saw no obvious glitches.

The biggest problem is that you seem to have made your entire background in MSpaint, and not the most detailed work either, I suggest you draw the background in Flash next time, there's way more possibilities to make it look better. IF, however, you do make it in MSpaint again, please note to export it as a .png file so you don't get the horrible JPG "bleeding" pixels.

Lastly a small note: his gun ran out of ammo so it clicked. Instead of just putting "*click*" above the gun in a pretty ugly standard font, try just finding a sound effect on the internet, and signaling there's something wrong with the gun with an exclamation mark, or a star or whatever would make it obvious there's something wrong.

Good luck!

Doesn't look too bad, but...

Very glitchy. It froze a lot while the audio continued, and when I rewound it, the song continued playing. Hope that helps, looking forward to see some new material this summer!


You did very well with the animation, but it really needed to be at a faster pace and at least an extra 30 seconds longer. I know it takes a long time to perfect an animation, but keep at it and you will have yourself a badass flash. On another note, I love these battles! haha

Someday you will be a big name...

Really, i mean that. That was really good 4 a first part...

inikal responds:

thank you, this is only my first flash animation.

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2.37 / 5.00

May 5, 2008
11:49 AM EDT
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