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Xeno Tactic 2

rated 3.79 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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May 5, 2008 | 5:58 AM EDT

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Author Comments

I hope you will apreciate this one too.
This time you must stop the alien vehicles.
enjoy :)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Just something I noticed...

I'm not saying this is a bad game, but there's nothing particularly special about it either. That's the rating, sorry.
The observation is a typo... S.A.M. stands for 'Surface to Air Missile'. So having SAMs target ground only is a bit... Well, I'd fix that for a third one.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

i cant sell turrets

other than that its allright

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Basic Strategies to Beat Game

Here are some basic strategies I used to beat the games.
1. Check the pattern of the levels "flight paths." Most of the ships will fly up to the top path of the maze. Once you start building walls they may change their pattern.
a.) Because of this you should build your first gauntlet of guns along the top row.
2. For the first few waves, place your guns in a top and bottom row across from each other so that the ships fly thru the gauntlet--like this: xxx

this gauntlet pattern increases the immediate hits on the ships so they explode.
3. The $20 vulcans are enough to kill the first few waves. Use 6-8 guns depending on your cash amount.
4. Use the walls to build the longest maze you can while still exploiting the flight patterns.
After the first 6-8 vulcans, place a $30 sam turret so that it faces the oncoming ships--like this: xxx
Notice that there has to be a space between the vulcans and the sam so that a maze can be built later.
5. Once your cash starts to build up place cannons along the flight path . Place them a couple of blocks apart. Unlike the vulcans, place the sams a few spaces apart from each other.
6. At the same time you should start to build your maze a couple of walls at a time.
7. If there are 2 exits you won't need to block one off until you start to build walls which will cause flight path deviations or if you notice that they're suddenly using those paths.
8. The sky ships come from the top somewhere around the 6th to 9th wave depending on the level; so make sure you have sufficient cash to but 2 $45 sky guns. Place them about at the middle horizontal row 1/3 of the way in from the outside edges. This allows them to reach most of the ships.
a.) Also, upgrade their speed one level if you can.
b.) You may find that you only have cash for one sky gun; if this is the case, then sell a vulcan or two until you have $45.
c.) The 2nd wave of airships come after the very next wave. If you have the cash, place a 2rd sky beam near the bottom center of the screen about 3 rows up from bottom. This helps catch ships that sneak by.
9. At this point you should only be adding SAMS and $60 Lasers as guns because the ships will become too strong for the vulcans.
10. As soon as you can, but a $100 Dissapator and upgrade it at least 2 levels because you need it for the specially shielded ships.
11. Also buy a frost turret and place it near the beginning to slow the ships down so they'll get hit more. Later on try to place them near strong gauntlets.
12. Start buying and upgrading your skybeams because it's the airships that tend to sneak by and take up your life points and they get harder to kill. At first upgrade your skybeam speed but then increase their power. Spread them apart and near the middle or bottom so that they catch the most ships. You'll quickly learn their range and where you should place them.
13. When the ships start using the 2nd exit, block it off with 1 wall.
14. As the game progresses, sell off your vulcans and replace them with SAMS or Lasers. Also buy and upgrade more Dissapators and spread them out.
15. Build multiple layers of gauntlets as your cash builds like this-- xxxx

16. As the game progresses you'll need to upgrade your guns. Upgrade each gun so that they're all equal rather that supping up one gun at a time.
17. Constant barrages of fire power will kill the weak regenerators.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


This has been one of the best defence game I've played so far. The 1st one was a little bit too hard but this one is excellent!
nice job.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Too hard

The game is awsome, I spent so many hours playing it, but i think is too hard, it's very challenging, thats good, but still hard for many players, in that way i got dissapointed cuz i wasn`t able to pass the second level. Anyway i enjoyed it too much, but i don't think i'll play it again, it's a little bit frustrating