Xeno Tactic 2

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I hope you will apreciate this one too.
This time you must stop the alien vehicles.
enjoy :)

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One word kept popping into my mind the longer I played: "dogshit!" There is so much potential fun to be had here, but there are a lot of problems and they're right in your face from the get-go. Firstly, part of the appeal of the first Xeno Tactic (great game!) was that you were fighting aliens, not boring old vehicles. You don't have to steal images from Alien... nobody owns the idea of space monsters, so you can go nuts. The designs for the different levels of creature in the first game were great.

Then you play the first level (NOOB difficulty, mind), and the first thing that happens is some of the enemies get through. You have to choose the first turrets and upgrades you use VERY carefully, or one gets through on the first wave of the first level. That means less money and less health for the remainder of the game. The worst part is that you're still looking at the interface, comparing statistics and effects for the different turrets when the enemies start coming. Even the first wave has a time limit this time! Then you try to place turrets, and oops, the help screen doesn't tell you which turrets can be placed everywhere and which can only be placed on walls.

The main problem is that there are too many choices right away. You have all your turrets at the start, and there are almost unlimited ways to upgrade them (help screen doesn't tell you, but the first upgrade for any turret is almost nothing, and then it gets more potent as you upgrade more). Even though all the enemies fly, you can't hit them with the Sky Beam. Unfortunately, the Sky Beam and a few other turrets can actually MISS... leaving you cursing with rage when the enemy with one tiny block of health gets through, and you wonder why you bothered buying and upgrading the cannon in the first place.

Too many problems to list, but that's the first part of the first level (which I NEVER BEAT). I got to the last level in Xeno Tactic, but this is totally different. For Xeno Tactic 3, I beg you, have a tutorial, don't allow any of the expensive turrets to sometimes miss, have other people TEST the game first, make sure the flying enemies go through the same door, allow us more room to control where the enemies go, and don't have one mistake ruin 20 rounds of progress! I don't want to see Xeno Tactic end like this, so please, think about creating a sequel with a sensible difficulty curve.

A diappointing sequel...

Not expecting something like this.



The old Xeno Tactic is better

Well, this game is not so bad, but it's just.... plain. The thing that made Xeno Tactic funny and original are gone: you can't create your own battlefield, and there are no aliens :(

The only real improvement is in the upgrade system for the weapon (you can choose to increase damage or range or speed).

If there will be a Xeno Tactic 3 I hope it to be more like xeno tactic 1 and be less like xeno tactic 2 (by the way, you should add more weapon, and make the weapons gain new "powers" with the upgrades).

I liked the 1 better

This game is a good standart defense game, it has the towers
the upgrades, the monsters and bosses, the levels evolve just like the others
but that is the problem...
the good thing about xeno tactics is that is not avarage, it was supposed to be better than the others, and the 1 gave us that one opportunity of "makeing" the battlefield and using it our own way, to guide our enemies to their doom. This one lacks the freedom of use of the battlefield, and then lacks the fun we were waiting =/.
Please, don't get me wrong: the game is good, the graphics are awesome, never seen another defense game with sucj graphics, but the one thing I was waiting for is not there

I really hope I helped, and I look forward to a xeno tactics III, if there is ever going to be one.

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3.37 / 5.00

May 5, 2008
5:58 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense