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Zelda: UO Epis:6

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THIS IS AWESOME the part where Link Remembers past lives but....he never left Navi....infact theres a whole Game based around Link Finding Navi its Called Majoras mask....he never does though....and that link ends up dying before hes able to impart any of his knowledge on to the next generation thats why he comes back in Twilight Princess to teach the Next link Sword Skills....its kinda sad when you think about it....but Im dying to see you're version of Hyrule everything looks sorta futuristic(for Zelda)and now im wondering what Gadgets and Skills Link will have.....Hookshot? Longshot? Bow? Boomerang? Pegasus Boots

Food me next, please!

TINGLE: YES, oh yes, don't hesitate to ask for anything at all, mister Forest Fairy! And do you see this here? A glorious, gorgeous MAP, for only 999.99 rupees!!!!

must. kill. tingle. But you make him enjoyable.

keep em comin dude i freaking loved the 5th epis.

Link: you OK? ARE WE CRASHING!?! um wht ever his name is -nods- Link: O_O