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Actually it's my first serious work...I know that the technique is not perfect, so i'll be glad to recieve advices from you) Anyway my idea about flash sounds like this - Flash is only a medium, a tool to give a shape to the ideas in our heads. So what matters in a movie,a clip or a cartoon is the STORY.
If anyone is interested to collaborate contact me)



not bad for a first.
i recomend a bit of talking
and maybe a bit more art practice
but well done for a first!


This was fairly good, not incredible. It was however a good concept, keep up with the stories. Some voices would be nice, even if it is just the main character's thoughts.

I'd say that you should practice more with the artwork, practice on some perspective (a lack of this can really hurt the quality of an animation), and generally put some more emphasis on movement with people, cars, etc.

I'm not going to expect you to be capable of amazing feats when you're just on your first I know, but I'm not going to dishonest and overly puff you up with hot air known as praise.

You've done fairly good for a first, just be sure to practice on your artwork a bit more.

Keep up the good work. :)

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JohnLorique responds:

Thanks for advices)

I feel like im on acid again!

I can rember last year goin 2 school on acid and this is as close as a summary of what it was like...well mine took awhile longer was really scary and was consitantly messed up, but yeah good job! (dont do acid kids, unless u wondered what hell looks like)

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I'm glad to see that this passed. You seemed to put a lot of work in to this flash. Congratulations!

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Good sense of humor

Relates to people in general how they wake up and go to school lol.

But make the dude talk this way it makes you more interacted with the flash (your eyes get glued to the flash) so you find it more funny and you wanna replay that hunk of crunk. You know what I mean? Hahha basically you did good, but theres room for improvement, get a microphone if you don't have one. Sound effects can't just be the whole sha-bang in the nutshell.

8-10 stars=Good job, fill ins needed for the flash.

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May 4, 2008
7:51 PM EDT