Clay Wolf 2:The Wolf

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This is part 2 of the clay wolf.

The main people whos names I forget. (ask didly12 there names) Start there task and head over to the dirty old shack when all the sudden, my dog jumps out and bites them... will the dude live? And what will the aftermath of his injury hold?

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Uh..yeah..about this..

I know it takes alot of work to make claymations however this really needs work.

Here are some main things: The sound recording was bad, you couldn't hear anything all to well. And even the things you could hear were done with bad voice acting. One kid was sniffling the whole time, people stuttered, paused, and interrupted eachother. The combination of the bad sound and voice acting made it pretty hard to listen to. As to the visual aspects of the film, it looks as if you need a new camera. The lighting could also be better. I can tell there was some sort of plot to this, but it is hard to make out with all the things that went wrong. Bottom line is it needs work. After watching some of the other episodes I would say that for the rest of the series as well.

I could tell you tried. And maybe you were just doing it for fun. But honestly unless alot of improvement goes into it it is not worth viewing.

Wriggle responds:

Bleh, this is to old. Watch one that's newer!

Great but

a good story line but you can't see whats going on, the frame rate is slow and the images were flashy!

Wriggle responds:

OMG! its mattuip! wow. thanks dude!

Great job on this!

Really,you did good.
Unlike most claymations,they try to be funny,by being random.
Which,well,isnt funny at all.
Knox doesnt do that,just saying,also,you didnt do that either.
It had a pretty decent storyline actually to me.
It made sense,a lot of sense.
then,you just needed a bit more video quality.
Didnt really like the camera. :(

But still,very great job,looking for the third part.

Wriggle responds:

Thanks. BTW, I have a hi def. camera. I just didn't want the filsize to be high.


i thought it was quite good actually, and the other guys are just being idiots. they probably dont realise what goes into making a flash. they think it takes like 2 minuits. it TAKES TIME TO MAKE CLAY ANIMATIONS!! jesus. it was kinda like knox's though. down to the clay modles but still, good effort!

Wriggle responds:

Thanks dude!


This is as sucky parody of knox korner. nice try tryin to sound like knox but no go. sorry.

Wriggle responds:

Nobody was trying to sound like knox.

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May 4, 2008
4:55 PM EDT