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PC Squad 1 "Stolen Heart"

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A young Hyena joins the PC Squad as a rookie officer, her firey proud nature quickly slings her from the frying pan in to the fire. Future episodes should be funnier, but the intro is important because it sets up everything. Future episodes will have dirty puns and jokes, and lots of action. Big Thanks to Tovi Noname for his assistance on voice acting. Hes got some nice music, so check him out. ^^


Super Job

Wow-Your artwork has sure evolved. Highly enjoyed it. I bet your dad approves!

hellsorb responds:

Thanks I know he is! XD I had fun revamping this old series in new artwork. Just wait till the next one!

(Word to the wise the series will have some what naughty spoken humor in the future, mostly all because of one character is a shameless womanizer and becomes a main character. He turns most any sentence into some thing that sounds wrong, but immaturity is what makes it funny!)


It was a lot of fun getting to be a part of this, and I hope to get to do more in the future!

The more of these you make, the better you'll become at flash artistry. I look forward to seeing you evolve.


Great job!!!

You did such a good job on this! I can't wait for the second one!!!!! :D

You're art and animations get better and better all that time. You have sooo much potential to be even more awesome then you are now. I can't wait to be by your until then and efter! :D


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hellsorb responds:

Aww thank you, I was so worried that it sucked after the lacking interest.

Great art!

But maybe it should be toned down to put a bit more into smoother transitions. When changing scenes, try doing something like a slow fade out, then fade back in, because things happen too fast for anyone to catch up.

Also, try having the voice actors not sound so monotone; the best voice acting is when you start feeling stupid saying the lines :D

Awesome choice of music for the action scene by the way :3

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hellsorb responds:

Oh thanks I'm glad someone left a helpful review! ^^

I had a feeling that the scenes change speed was a problem, I scared myself into thinking the movie was going to be too big when I finished it I know better now.
I was probably the monotone one since I'm a girl trying to voice act most of the guys in the movie, besides that is about how I sound. I'll try harder.

I'll keep all your advice in mind, while working on the next one, thanks. ^^


the movie stunk.

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3.83 / 5.00

May 4, 2008
4:22 PM EDT
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