'w' VIII

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Author Comments

The eighth part featuring Anigen!! Watch out because we are in LIMBOOO

P.S. the ending joke is funny u will laff!!

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You're God to me, this is the most amazing Flash animation I've ever seen. My brain can't even comprehend it's awesomeness, please my Master, I am your loyal slave <3


This really sucked... And since your IQ is the freezing point of water, you'll probably thank me. And how is it that three people made this since it's so retarted?? And I have to agree with everything TheUndefeatable said. It flat-out-sucked.

Wow! I don't even know where to begin criticizing!

The bottom line is that you need to work harder on your animations before you put them om newgrounds... now here is my complete review:

Let's start with the most obvious thing that makes me rather want to eat random puke off the ground than ever watch this again. Your drawings are so terrible, they trigger a pain in my chest and forehead. Those are sensitive receptor spots if you will, where I detect things that are extremely retarted. And Not funny-retarted, more like, "wow, I am surprised that you have enough IQ to find the power button on your computer-retarted." But what do I know? For all I know, you might have someone there to help you with that, while you sit there like a long gone vegetable and drool on yourself while you have your hand stuck up your ass because you are trying to remove that tricky hotwheels car that "mysteriously" found its own way up there.
You continue to amaze me with every new "animation" you disgustingly shit out and somehow manage to keep alive on newgrounds. The way you draw fire... its so awesome... I know 2 year olds capable of better feats of artistry than you are. And this so called "joke" at the end... can hardly be considdered a joke. I was really hoping you would have something funny there, since you did promise in your "p.s" that people will laugh. Instead I found myself just staring at the screen with a look of surprise thinking, " wow, this kid might actually be mentally retarted." That made me feel guilty about writing this. But then I got over it. Because someone needs to tell you that you are a tallentless peice of (insert name of undigested food remains here) in my cat's shit! And If I could think of anything worse right now, I would say that instead. Anyways, I need to end this before I spontaniously combust... try to keep all of this in mind...

umm lol...

>.> it was kinda funny lol

the ending

omfg was hilarious i cant stop laughing good one

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

May 4, 2008
3:08 PM EDT
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