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thistler - ROBOTECH

rated 3.57 / 5 stars
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Feb 10, 2002 | 7:09 AM EST

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  • Robotech
    Robotech A fan-fiction take on the legendary series!

Author Comments

this was made for a comp at i kinda had to rush it in the end, but there's heaps more i could do, if i were to make it into a series. we'll see what happens this year. if i get time, i'll probably remake this one, and continue the story.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


as an animation by itself, quite good. i am wondering why it has the name robotech however. i know, you said there were no veritechs, i was just wondering what made this prompt into a robotech animation.

thistler responds:

well.. i needed an idea for the robotech comp.. and i didnt want to ripp off robotech like everyone else. so i made a different style, different chracters.. different enemies.. i actually had the thought of changing the name when i remake this episode. the reason theres no veratechs is becasue they'll come into the series next episode


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

great....accept for...

THE VOICES they suck work on that but for the rest cool and db style done the gfraphics and style where mor than ok
cant wait for no.2

thistler responds:

the voices.. yep. i'll work on it


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice first episode

It was okay, but I think the voice acting needs work

Thing is, Veratechs are pretty much the bloodstream of Robotech, in my opinion. Maybe put in a first Veratech like a YF-19/style Macross Plus style or something, just to plus the fans.

thistler responds:

im thinking where i can put them in.. i'll work it out :) yeah,, i wasnt happy with the voices, but i didnt have time to redo them.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

This hasnt got much to do with robotech

This hasnt got much to do with robotech from what ive seen about the show. i watched episode 1 of robotech tonight and it had the fighter mechs in it. usually in a first episode you have to have alot of story in it i know but you cant forget about action thats what makes manga and anime is the fast action and animation combined with emotions. maybe you should had some planes and shit in it even if they were just flying in the background. i couldnt really relate to robotech just had the suits and the word used for earth people i think. but the graphics were good. not that i can talk about manga hehe check out satok ki10 vs orange clock to get what im talking about.

thistler responds:

well,, its not actually meant to have anything the same as the show.. its kind of my own vision or something.. but the idea of have jets fly past is a good one.. . im also going to stretch out the start and add another character and a tv screen that will display something familiar on it..


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

... What?

Yeah...Uh.. How does that relate to ANYTHING robotech, at all?! have you even SEEN robotech? you might want to put in a few fuckin, airplanes that transform into giant robots and blow shit up, Hell, if its a fan fic, wtf is it? Even though my sound card is fuckin shot, i can tell it really sucks, just by the animation. Seriously, dude. if you want to make a fan fic, you might consider watching the series, first. i don't need to know the characters names, if they are Rick Fokker, and Roy Hunter.. then.. God damn thats about all thats fuckin related to robotech. You could have just called it "FUTURELAND" or some shit.. but please don't link that peice of crap to ROBOTECH which was actually a converted version of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross(that series has 7 different sub series, actually) trust me, when it comes to anime, i do my research

thistler responds:

well.. what can i say. u attack with much vigour.. it is the introduction to the series.. episode 2 will be featuring the mecha.. the 2 characters r not fighter pilots,, they r just normal people, who in the course of the series, will be involved with people who do fly veratechs.. it is also fan-fiction, i chose not to have any of the original characters in it, because i wanted to create my own story. u really do need the sound too.. it kinda adds to the whole, visual/sound thing that movies have..

"if they are Rick Fokker, and Roy Hunter.i do my research"

your research must be crap, because its Rick Hunter and Roy Fokker.

u need to relax a little.