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A taste of stick

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I wanted some critique on the animation itself, not the sound(or lack thereof), or any other factors, so if you could take a look at this animation and my first one(Teh Raiden's StickFight) and base your comment on that that'd be great, thanks.

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Nice job, better then what I can stick animate at!


You really got the taste into frame-by-framing.
Needs little practice, but you have the taste.

Keep getting better and keep it up.


Not that bad.

It's passable. Especially for someone as inexperienced as you from what it seems.

Your animation is up to par, but you need to add in more graphics. I saw a couple (The scene where the guy gets dragged by his intestines or the blue power ball thing) but you have to add in some more.

The main thing i think you need work on is the perspective on the fighters. The fighters were making ground all over the place. You need to make a background so that these guys actually have platforms to land on and scenery to use. These guys were hopping all over and landing at different levels on the screen, which really broke the flow for me.

Not bad for a first one

And much better than most crappy stick fights, but it couldv'e been better.
Sometimes the legs seem to move for no reason and they get out of frame,
since you made it fbf. Maybe if you'd use the line tool instead of the brush tool you'll have a better result trying to make the animation smooth.

Pretty good

The animation is smooth and it's good paced but add some sounds.