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How 2 Pleasure an Elephan

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Author Comments

This is an assigment I did for school. We had to write a tutorial on anything we thought the teacher should know how to do.
It had to include a motion tween, a shape tween, working buttons and sound.

do you think I passed?

I got the sounds from Flashkit.com and the song is called "Eu Perdi Voce" i have no idea who it is by though.

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funny stuff

oh so thats how you do it.
i really enjoyed this keep up the good work!

Lols funny ending :).

We do not advise to shoot elephants to stop them dancing lols :p.
Things I think could have made this flash better.
1) No farting noises when you click on a step please :s.
2) Make some subtitles or try and improve on the sound cause I just couldn't understand what that guy said :p.
3) That's all I can say really m8, decent flash on your part and hope you make a little more effort on your next one so it can get a score it deserves :).

DreamWhale responds:

yeah i was a bit pressed for time when making this so after i handed it in i didnt want to touch the file anymore haha

thanks for the good review, it made my day

Buttons worked for me

Don't know why others did, but i had no problems at all.
I actually laughed a couple times. I mean when a creepy looking guy is hitting on an elephant that's dressed trashy using the most ridiculous pick up line i think i've ever heard it's hard not to LoL.

DreamWhale responds:

HHAHAHA, cheers mate, thanks for the nice review


This shambles of an interactive video was unco-oridnated, incoherient and completely immature. I would have had more enjoyment staring endlessly elephant's behind Where you tried for humour you failed miserably, i would say admirable effort however in this case i can only say effort. Oh and Eu Perdi Voce is sung by the Portugese band Inverga + Num Kebra who are very good unlike the video.

DreamWhale responds:

says the guy who hasnt submitted anything.

oh and its incoherent. Yours has one too many i's
embarrasing for you

doesnt work as its sposed 2

it doesnt work as it supposed to. Step 1 really leads to step 1 AND 4, step 2 leads to step 1 AND 4, step 3 leads to step 2, and step 4 leads to step 3. Confused?

DreamWhale responds:

im confused by your review